Is the Horoscope base Scientific ?

As I have divided the scientific nature of astrology in my past articles in a number of portions and ,”if the results are not correct continuously then the principle is wrong” have tested them on the standard of this statement and the statement made by the former director of U.G.C. Dr. Yashpal published in the 19th September 2001 issue of “India Today” under the title of “Going Back To Stone Age” in bold letters that,” Let astrology be a study for the purpose of entertainment only. Study should be made of the reasons for its popularity” and the views of the director of “National Institute of Science, Technology and Development Studies” Mr. Raj Kochchar published alongside his photograph that,” if the results are not correct continuously then the principle is wrong, and hence astrology cannot be a science” and the view of the Mr. N. Kumar the director of Raman Research Institute” published alongside his photograph that,” this debate is nonsensical, of you interested in astrology, then study it, but it is not a science.” I have attempted to answer the unfounded opinions of these three eminent scholars in my reference based and incisive research articles and also to prove the scientific nature of astrology. Now the onus of answering the same lies with these eminent scholars.

Basically I am a writer but I belong to a family, which has been renowned for many past generations in the field of astrology and Panditya. As a consequence I have also continued the study of astrology without professional involvement together with many other subjects. When I was interviewed by “Jain Television” I said while laying much stress on research in the field of predictive astrology that,” where in ancient books the results of many combinations is given as the conveyances of elephants and horses today even prime minister does not enjoy the privilege of these conveyances then the results of conveyances of cars and other such vehicles should be construed and according to our research Jupiter is not benefic and Saturn is benefic whereas commonly people go be the precept that Jupiter is benefic and Saturn is not benefic.” All of these concepts pave the way for novel research in this direction but no special effort has been undertaken and those like us who dare are as a rule suppressed by uneducated and undereducated astrologers. The government is also of no assistance and when the personal interests of government personnel conflict with ours, opposition arises and here uneducated astrologers who are in the majority keep opposing me but I remain unaffected and even at this ripe age of 84 years I am engaged in my work. That is another matter, that to fulfill my urge I have even starved but what is the big deal about it? “Panini” was devoured by a lion in the search of a pure Shabd(sound) but having found the pure Shabd( sound) he was shouting with joy even while being eaten by a lion. If something novel can be achieved here I am ready to sell every possession of mine although already I have achieved a lot which my opponents in government and public constantly try to eradicate. I have also opposed and expanded the principles of “Panini”. I have declared that “Ved Path”(chanting of Vedic mantras) is incorrect in both the north and south India and brought to light the real identification of “Uddata-Anudatta-Swarita” but no one is willing to learn them. After my death it will again be lost in the depths of darkness. This is the pain I feel within.

As I have discussed in one of my articles that every point makes a circle of 360 degrees around it. In the same manner, when a child enters the womb, then it also makes a circle of 360 degrees around it. When it starts its life on earth, then also it makes a circle of 360 degrees around it and based on the degrees of the sun at the moment of birth the Lagna (ascendant) is calculated and then according to the positions of planets at the time horoscope is calculated. In this horoscope also twelve signs and the 30 degrees of each sign the 360 degrees of the child are defined and by expanding it the position of each planet is defined in the twelve signs of the zodiac as they are placed the moment of birth. In this manner relative to the Lagna of the child the positions of the planets and their angular positions are defined and their influence the child can be known roughly meaning what was the angular relation of the child to a planet at the moment of birth. A unique graph is a representation of the mutual co relation of the child born at that moment and the planets, which is signified by the horoscope. But as there are twelve houses in this horoscope in which the position of a planet is shown as in the same house from 0 degrees to 29 degrees and if a planet is placed anywhere between 0 degrees and 29 degrees at the moment of birth it will be shown as occupying the same sign in a horoscope. The planets in a sign must not be occupying the same degrees at that moment but the horoscope will show them as occupying the same position. To specify the position of a planet in detail

Graha Spashta(Planetary Degrees) and Bhava Spashta( House Degrees) must be calculated. By house degrees what is meant is that at the moment of birth Lagna can be at any point in the sign between 0 degrees and 29 degrees even then Lagna Kundali will be the same but the real degrees of the lagna will start from about 15 degrees before the degrees of Lagna and will end at about 15 degrees after the degrees of the Lagna. Assume the Lagna is Aries at the moment of birth and 25 degrees have already passed in it then the first house will start at approximately 10 degrees of Aries and will run till approximately upto 10 degrees of Taurus what this means is that although the Lagna Kundali will show the planet placed before 10 degrees of Aries as in the Lagna itself but in reality it would be shown as in the 12th house in the house degrees. In this manner the house degrees will show the real position and the power of the planet in that house and for this reason two children born in the same Lagna have different future and destinies, which will be shown as same horoscopes but the detailed calculations will show the difference in their lives.

By: Late Pt Raja Ram Shastri

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