Twins Paradox

When Twins are born there is usually a difference of two or more minutes between them and mostly they have the same lagna and hence making out the difference becomes somewhat difficult. Our institute has found in its research that persons born at the same time and place have difference in their destinies because of their family background but twins have even same parents and hence share the same family background then how to make the predictions about them? Where we recognize such minute details and work on them, even scientists are not able to properly define time twins (two persons born at the same time and place), a Prof. Ivan W. Kelly (Department of Psychology, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan, Canada) and another, Prof. Geoffrey Dean (a scientist from, Perth, Australia) conducted a study on astrology the results of which were published in an article titled, “ Time Twins, The Definitive Test of Astrology” in the “Journal of Consciousness Studies” (10, no. 6-7, 2003) that they observed difference between children born on the same day. This is evidenced by the excerpt, “ time twins are surprisingly numerous. The spacing of human births in a large population is described by a Poisson distribution, which shows that every year in a city of a million people about 4,000 pairs of time twins are born 5 minutes apart or less.”

By: Pt Sunil Sharma

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