Medical Astrology

The word astrology has its origins in the jyoti(light) and we are treading our path in darkness when astrology enlightens our path with forewarning that such a thing is possible in future so be careful. If we take due precaution we can avoid the trouble.

I saw people approaching my revered father Late Pt. Raja Ram Shastri( Founder, Astrological Research Centre[ARC]) with their problems. When I was in the ninth standard in school I started learning astrology at the feet of my father who also became my guru.

One day when our family doctor showed their horoscope to my father then my father said “you will start the period of mars in moon so your wife may have to face blood related problems so you should wear a coral.” I was surprised that how can the horoscope of the doctor show the disease of the wife? But I was quiet but curious. After about 7-8 months our family doctor came again and told my father that, “ my wife has grown red sores all over her body which is not responding to any medical treatment and my wife has said that, “ whereas Shastriji told about the disease six months ago you are not able to remedy it even today what kind of a doctor you are?” then again father suggested him wearing a red coral then he said that , “ when i will wear gem how will my wife be remedied?” my father replied , “ first you wear the red coral then we will talk about it.”

When he did wear it the medicines started showing effect and his wife recovered from the problem.then he came again and said, “ it is amazing that while I took the medicine my wife recovered from the disease.” Then my father Late Pt. Raja Ram Shastri said, “ whose horoscope was it?” doctor said, “ mine.” Then my father asked , “ who was the patient.” He said , “ my wife.” Then my father said, “ wrong , when the horoscope was yours then it means your wife had to be diseased hence as you were married with her so she had to undergo illness whereas if you were married to someone else then she would have been diseased, that means your horoscope was diseased then who should have worn the red coral?” Then doctor stroke his head with his hand and said that , “ Alas, if medical science also had such an amazing therapy where one person is remedied and another person is benefited.”

I witnessed this incident as a child. Even afterwards many such instances occurred which accentuated my interest in the research in the field of astrology like my father. I always engaged in achieving new frontiers in my father’s work in the field of astrological research.

Recently on 31.5.2005 a childhood friend of mine expired who was bedridden for last 2 and a half months and had undergone numerous medical tests. His bone marrow was tested twice but even after so much expenditure no proper diagnosis of the problem could be made and it was suggested that he might have cancer.

Before 3-4 months of his death, I studied his horoscope and told his wife, “You better go in for medical treatment because his lungs are half damaged. So she paid attention and started his treatment in a private nursing home. C. T. Scan was also done but nothing clear emerged from it. As a result, my interest in conducting research on medical astrology was increased.

This is how we divide zodiac according to body parts which is so detailed that even right and left eyes and right and left ear are also separately designated. In the similar manner the diseases according to nine planets are also separately designated.

The divisions of 12 houses in a horoscope

Lagna (Ascendant) or 1 st house – brain, head
2nd house – right eye, neck, throat
3rd house – lungs, shoulders, right ear
4th house – heart, intestine
5th house – back, ability for procreation
6th house – intestine, stomach
7th house – kidney, waist
8th house – anal diseases, private parts
9th house – hips, thighs
10th house – knees
11th house – left ear, legs, ankles
12th house – left eye, feet and fingers of feet

In the same manner, we tell about different diseases from nine planets

Sun – boils and pimples, fever
Moon – watery disease, common cold, cough, leucoria
Mars – blood related problems, blood pressure, accident
Mercury – gastric problem
Jupiter – stomach, liver
Venus – sexual strength, sugar, dyspepsia
Saturn – deficiency or excesses of iron
Rahu – gas related problem
Ketu – gas related problem, wound, skin disease

All these are divided separately. We do not have equipment like medical science but we do have 12 houses and nine planets of a horoscope. We try to recognize disease from these only. In the same manner, if medical science has medicines to treat patient then we do have our astrological solutions for appeasing the planets and it is observed normally that doctors do prescribe medicines but they do not work but after solution of

By: Pt Sunil Sharma

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