Gochar ( Transit) in Astrology

Gochara or transit results are accorded great importance in popularastrology. Contrary to popular perception, our research has shown that gochara results are not better than zodiac forecasts, which is completely unscientific. Gochara results are generally seen with reference to the position of Moon in the birth horoscope as effected by the planetary movements. In it, the movements of superior planets, meaning those which lie outside the orbit of earth like Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Rahu and ketu are given greater importance and the movements of inferior planets, meaning those which lie within the orbit of earth like Mercury, venus, Moon and Sun are given secondary importance. If we would like to know the number of people coming under the gochara results for any sign a simple calculation can help us thus taking the population of the world as approximately 6 billion:

One sign of the zodiac = 6 billion / 12
One sign of the zodiac = 50 crore 

Therefore, it can be seen that 50 crore people come under any of gochara results worked out for the twelve signs of the zodiac. Some may argue that gochara results are elaborate in nature and hence of scientific value but no matter how elaborate, the results are superficial and in fact gochara results are no better than moon- sign based zodiac forecast. The only difference between zodiac forecast and gochara results is that zodiac forecast is based on sun- sign and gochara results are based on moon- sign. Some think that results based on the moon- sign should be more authentic because Sun- sign covers a period of a month and hence a great number of people and moon- sign on the other hand covering only a period of two and a quarter days should naturally cover a more specific section of people but this is not so because when calculated it can be seen that whether for Sun- sign or Moon- sign the number of people covered by each sign of the zodiac is approximately 50 crore. The simple reason behind this is that no matter whether you take Sun- sign or Moon- sign as the basis for your forecast you are ultimately dividing the world population in twelve parts.

If the results for any one sign as derived by gochara results are to be applied then approximately 50 crore people in the world should experience them, which is impossible. On the other hand, it has often been observed that one person with his Moon sign say Cancer is attaining success in his work and another person with the same Moon- sign is facing failure in whatever he does. What happened to the gochara results then?

As for instance, when Albert Einstein received nobel prize in physics as a person with his Moon in Scorpio then every person with his Moon in Scorpio should have been honoured by the establishment, which is impossible.

The most important question is, if the future of a newborn child is asked say for next 50 years how will the predictions be made? The panchanga for the next 50 years may not be available and perforce one may have to rely completely on the birth horoscope of the child but the results may be the most accurate ones. What of the gochara results then?

Most of the people tend to think that if taken in conjunction with the analysis of birth horoscope transit results can yield accurate results but on the contrary birth horoscope itself furnishes all the details required to make an examination and transit results on the other hand being themselves very general in nature are not found to help but only make matters worse.

In totality, the points enumerated above helps to put the transit or gochara results in proper perspective which leads to the inevitable conclusion that gochara is an unscientific method of making future predictions and hence not reliable as an astrological device.

By: Mr. Sonal Sharma

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