Planetary Solutions by wearing Gem Stone

When we are talking about solutions I would like to first elucidate a little on this. Among the scholarly astrologers who suggest solutions based on astrology, there is a view that there are four ways of assigning solutions.

1 The Japa(chanting of the mantra) of that planet for a fixed number of times.
2 The Dana(solution of the disturbed planet by charity) of the articles ruled by it.
3 Wearing that particular gem for that planet for the purpose of solution.
4 Using that relevant medicine or aushadh for that planet for solution.

Out of these methods the fourth one is in the hands of doctors these days. No astrologer is observed prescribing the wearing of the relevant medicine or aushadh, whereas the principle for the same is still preserved in our ancient scriptures. The reason behind this trend seems to be that most of the astrologers today are either temple priests or at least not engaged in any kind of research work, the little percentage of scholarly people today who enter this profession are outcaste by these unknowledgeable astrologers collectively and as they are practically unlimited in number as a result they overpower these scholars. consequently, even these scholars are afraid of experimentation the result of which is that astrology is narrowed down like the water in a closed drain. as i believe in experimentation sometimes even so- called great astrologers start opposing me and start announcing the same kind of research work themselves.

As for instance, when I wrote “JYOTISH KA ADHAR SAMBHOG” on the matching of the charts of the prospective bride and groom it gained much attention among astrologers and general populace and on the base of this book one institution which also undertakes astrological examinations awarded me with highest degree of “JYOTISH BHASKAR” but when a publisher expressed his opinion to the Head of the Department in the “Lal Bahadur Shastri Sanskrit Vidyapeeth” that,” Alas, i wish some book like “Jyotish Ka Adhar Sambhog” would have been written”, then this Head of the Department himself told me that I read your book at the reference of the publisher and then I copied the same. he only mentioned my name in the introduction that he has sought my advice and suggestions while writing this book which is not true. He had never discussed with me about the book.

In the Japa( chanting of mantras) and Dana( charity of articles) no difference of opinion has been observed so far. Yes, there is a great deal of difference in opinion about wearing the gem stone. One school of thought subscribes to the concept that gem stone increase the power of the planets and the other school of thought is of the opinion that gems take upon themselves the results of planets and as a result the influence of the planet after wearing of the stone is reduced and hence the evil effect is destroyed. On 17th august 2001 there was an article published in the newspaper Punjab Kesari which was titled ” The Influence Of Diamond As Per The Zodiac Sign.” From the article, it seems that he endorses the first view that “stones increase the power of the planet”.

In fact, stones are blind, they do not have the power of vision. Hence, they do not know whom to favour and whom not to. They neither increase the influence of a planet nor reduce them. there fore, the concept of reducing or increasing the power of a planet is mere imagination. the first and foremost question that arises is that 1. why should we wear stones at all? the second question is, 2. what is the benefit? and if there is benefit or loss, how is it?

For this first of all we must pay attention to the structure and functioning of our body. we are sitting at ease and suddenly we feel an ant moving somewhere on our body. the skin of the place where ant is moving sends an alerting message to the network of our brain that something is wrong there and mind in its turn sends an alerting message to the hand that see what is wrong and then the hand automatically reaches that place and detects the problem and removes it and then the system gains back the status quo.

This makes it clear that brain is the master of the body and it commands the hand to balance the system and hand immediately gets to work.

Rishis fixed the place of the planets in our fingers. Like the thumb and the mount beneath it is assigend to Venus and the adjoining finger to thumb or index finger and the mount beneath it is assigned to the Jupiter, the long adjoining finger or middle finger and the mount beneath it is assigned to the Saturn and the adjoining finger or the ring finger and the mount beneath it is assigned to the Sun and the adjoining finger or the little finger is assigned to the Mercury. Now only Moon and Mars are left. The place assigned to the Moon is parallel to the monut of Venus on the opposite side of the palm and Mars has been assigned two places on the palm, one in between the mounts of Moon and Mercury and the other is area between thumb and index finger or between the mount of Jupiter and the mount of Venus. Now, the planet which is negativly placed in the horoscope, the gem stone of related planet worn in the finger of that planet. The gems of Moon and Mars are worn in the fingers of friendly planets.

We have already told that gems are blind, they neither increase nor decrease the power of a planet. They can do only one thing that when they are worn in the finger of that planet it starts absorbing the infulences of the rays of that particular planet which are proceeding from the brain to that finger. Consequently, the beneficial influence will decrease and if a malefic influence is proceeding then it will start absorbing these rays. As a result, the stone will take the influences on itself and shields the person from the negative influences.

It is clear that on wearing the stones of benefic planets they absorb it and hence do damage to the person and by wearing the stones of malefic planets they absorb it and hence benefit the person. That is why stones of only malefic planets should be worn and not of the benefic planets.

SPECIAL NOTE: This article has been authored by Late Pt. Raja Ram Shastri and Published in the “Hindu Chetna” Journal.

DIRECTOR’S NOTE: The research discussed in this article is based on experimentation and original research conducted by our Institute“Astrological Research Centre”.

By: Late Pt Raja Ram Shastri


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