Two Person Born at Same Time & Place

We consider astrology as a complete science in which there is no need to take into consideration any other thing or thought. Of course, the faculty of thought must be highly developed.

When our institute was teaching astrology to some students then one day a student asked, “Guruji, if a child is born in the Krishna Nagar of Delhi and the other in Rohini at the same time what will be the difference?” This unexpected question came as a shock to the mind that when we consider difference between twins and our institute gives predictions on the horoscopes of twins so that it may also be possible that two persons are born at the same time and place then will the astrological results be the same? In the midst of all this, a Prof. Ivan W. Kelly (Department of Psychology, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan, Canada) and another, Prof. Geoffrey Dean (a scientist from, Perth, Australia)conducted a study on astrology the results of which were published in an article titled, “ Time Twins, The Definitive Test of Astrology” in the “Journal of Consciousness Studies” (10, no. 6-7, 2003) that they observed difference between children born on the same day. In its defense astrologers could be seen putting up a poor front in astrological conferences. Then our institute started research on the subject that if there is difference in the results for twins (because there is a difference of 2- 3 or more minutes) then how will there be difference between children born at same time and same place?

In this connection our view is that the difference will be of family background. Like when in the same hospital a child of a minister is born and another child of a king is born then the child of the minister will be brought up in the manner which suits well ministers and the son of a king will be brought up in the manner which suits a king. The son of a minister will be taught the intricacies of mental fight whereas the son of a king will b taught the war of weapons and if both have excellent rajayogas in their horoscopes then the son of a minister will become a minister and the son of a king will become a king.

As in Dwapar Yuga Lord Krishna and the daughter of Nand and Yashoda more were born at the same time. In Durgasaptshati, the birth of Lord Krishna and the daughter of Nand and Yashoda is described thus: –

The Kalaratri is taken as the Kartik amavasya. Maharatri is the chaturdashi of the dark half of phalguna, which is known as maha shivratri. Moharatri is taken as the ashtami of the dark half of Bhadrapada.

In Shrimad Bhagwat purana and other such scriptures it has been stated that as soon as the Mahamaya Adishakti was born from Mother Yashoda, Lord Krishna was also born in the home of Vasudeva when the family of Nandraya and the guards of King Kamsa were entranced by the Powers of Maya. Then Vasudeva took Lord Krishna with him and then placed him in Mahamaya’s place and Mahamaya in the Lord Krishna’s place.

At present the 28th Dwapar Yuga in the Vaivasvata Manvantara is going on.

By: Late Pt Raja Ram Shastri


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