A Special Approach : Kemdrum Yoga

We predict about the person after analyzing the horoscope, we should also discuss about the different Yoga’s in horoscope, before giving prediction to the person. For instance if the Kaalsarp Yoga exist in person’s horoscope, whether planets are in good position or horoscope is very good in viewing, that person always surrounded from various type of difficulties, disappointment increase with age and in every work lots of obstacles come. In the same way if Kemdrum Yoga exist in person’s horoscope, whether horoscopes shows financially person’s life will be very good or he/she will never face any money crunch, but the person would be possessed by the financial constraints in his/her life.

What is Kemdrum Yoga?

There is a myth about Kemdrum Yoga. If there is none planet exist in next house or Rashi and previous house or Rashi from that house where moon planet is exist, this combination of planets makes moon very weak and powerless this Yoga called Kemdrum Yoga. In this condition means if Kemdrum Yoga exists in person’s horoscope, whether lord of wealth house is in it’s own house but yet the person would face financial problem in his/her life.

There are many ways to remove the ill effects of Kemdrum Yoga, for example person should wear Moon’s stone Pearl, ritual worship of the Moon (Chandra) etc. There are contradiction regarding above mentioned solutions that whether these solutions will increase or decrease the influence of Moon. But Astrological Research Center found that these solutions are relevant to remove the ill effects of Kemdrum Yoga. It is said that pure pearl and ritual worship of Moon are helpful to remove the ill effects of Kemdrum Yoga.

By: Pt Sunil Sharma

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