Why Criticism Astrology

Astrology is not only a subject but also a science but it is also said that development gives rise to destruction as well. That is why as the research in the field of astrology is progressing day by day and confidence of people has increased in astrology some people who have nothing to do with astrology are entering the field of astrology and charlatanry is on the rise and astrology, vastu shastra, numerology, palmistry, face reading, tarot, feng shui etc. have been pursued by people with no knowledge of the subject and have put computer and astrology software at work and whose only ambition is to earn money. In the same manner, products related to astrology, vastu shastra and other subjects are being sold irrespective of whether the client is satisfied or not. This is their sole ambition.

Astrological Research Centre( Astrocent) is making its contribution since its establishment in 1952 in the field of astrological research and when we saw that fraudulent practices are on the rise in astrology then we decided to launch our website which is a tough undertaking for research scholars like us. That is why the subjects on which we were of the opinion that these are not authentic we decided to write criticism articles. In which:-

Zodiac forecast ::
in which population of the world is divided in the 12 signs of the zodiac and making predictions. In which if predictions come correct we had predicted and if predictions were wrong show us the horoscope this principle is applied which is not authentic in astrology

Sade- Sati ::
We calculated that three signs of the zodiac are always running Sade- Sati which means the one fourth of the whole world is always under Sade- Sati and hence they have same results which is not possible. When two persons born at the same time and place have different destinies then how is it possible that 3 signs have same results.

Numerology ::
numerology is based on the premise that the population of the world divided by 9 numbers, which means that people coming under tjhe same number have same results which is not possible. Suppose, for instance, that if a person born under number 9 becomes Prime Minister then will all the number 9 persons rule over the world which is impossible.

Gochara(transit) ::
The principle is that Indian Mathematics + Indian Predictive Principles = Correct. Western Mathematics + Western Predictive Principles = Correct. But Indian Mathematics + Western Predictive Principles = Incorrect and Western Mathematics + Indian Predictive Principles = Incorrect. Therefore, to mix Gochara (Transit) that such and such planet is coming at such and such a time so it will be beneficial or malefic is not correct.

Copper Plate Yantra::
In our scriptures special significance attached to yantras. But it doesn’t mean that any kind of yantras are significant, it is only energised yantras that have significance. Which are energised yantras? Energised yantras are the ones prepared on bhoj patra as per our ancient scriptures with special ink and special method. For each yantra a specific kind of pen and ink is used, and there are specific days for yantra to be prepared. This special method of energising yantras has special significance.

Whereas in case of Copper Plate Yantra, Crystal Yantra and any other kind of yantras, there are no special ink, pen and no special day to be prepared. How can these yantras with their numerous deficiencies be corrected so easily.

Even then, all kind of yantras are being sold to people irrespective of whether they benefit the person or not, and these businessmen are flourishing.

Computerized Astrological Predictions::
Today every person has this mentality that computerzed horoscope and computerised prediction are most accurate. Whereas the credibility of the person’s who develop astrological software ( their mathematical and predictive portions ) is difficult to gauge. When big firms develop these software, which have little to do with astrology. They team up of few astrologers and software engineers to get the job done. What was the level of knowledge in astrology of the person developing a software is never made clear. Therefore even this computer age we solely depend on manual horoscope, and do our own calculation, in which the probability of incorrect results is very low.

Astrological Research Centre ( Astrocent ) researched on all these reasons, then decided to write Astrological Criticism Articles to make people aware of these reasons and avoid destruction together with development or subject like astrology will never be able to emerge as a complete science.

Astrologers at our institute have observed that most people want instant results in astrology which is almost impossible, for which purpose astrologers start predicting under pseudo astrological methods like Zodiac Forecast and Numerology. We have this conceptions that astrology is not instant copy. It is a subject of research, then how is it possible to give instant predictions?

Keeping all these points in mind astrological criticism articles were composed to create awareness.

By: Pt Sunil Sharma

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