Sade Sathi in Astrology

Shani Sade-sathi, as its very name implies, is a seven and a half year period, much dreaded in popular astrological parlance. Our research goes to show that there is not much reason in fearing the seven and a half year period of Saturn. Sade- sathi is said to start with the entry of Saturn in transit or current position in 12th sign from moon in birth horoscope. Suppose, a person has Cancer sign with moon placed in it in his birth horoscope, then sade- sathi starts for him with the entry of Saturn in 12th sign from moon, Gemini, and continue with its passage in Cancer and Leo and ends with its exit of Saturn from Leo.

It is held by people that sade- sathi brings misfortune and failure to the person through this period. A simple calculation can help us with the fact that how many people are having sade-sathi at one and the same time taking the population of the world as approximately 6 billion.

6 billion = 12 signs of the zodiac
6 billion/4 =3 signs of the zodiac

Therefore, at any given time 1.5 billion people of the world are going through sade- sathi period, which makes for a 1/4th of the world population. If the results of sade- sathi are to be applied then a fourth of the world should always be facing misfortune and failure. On the other hand, it has often been observed that one person going through sade- sathi is enjoying good success and another person is facing difficulties. This is the state of affairs when we consider sade- sathi alone. If we take into consideration also the dhaiya or two and a half year periods of Saturn which include the transit of Saturn from 4th sign from the moon going under the name of ardh- ashtam shani and the transit from 8th sign from the moon going under the name of ashtama shani let us see what is the number of people covered by sade- sathi and dhaiya together in the world.

5 signs of the zodiac = 2.5 billion people

Therefore, at any given time 2.5 billion people are going through sade- sathi and dhaiya which are considered particularly harmful.

Another important point to be noted is that no one experiences the same kind of period for seven and a half years, be it fro good or for bad. Then, what kind of difficulties are to be faced is not specified, for any person no matter how successful experiences problems in certain specific areas of life.

When we ask people while reading research papers about how sade- sathi is being applied when it is going on on about 1.5 billion people, they reply that if a person’s horoscope is good, he will have good results. Then what is the significance of sade- sathi?

Hence, it is concluded with good reason that sade- sathi and dhaiya are bereft of scientific significance and unreliable as tools of prediction.

By: Sonal Kumar


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